Photo by Benjamin Murga - @BenMurga

Photo by Benjamin Murga - @BenMurga


I'm a San Fernando Valley native and Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles alumna. I am currently a news reporter at The Signal in the Santa Clarita Valley. 

As the daughter of a former truck driver, I grew up on the road and met all kinds of people and their culture. It became quite hard to register my encounters, so I began to document and photograph as much as I could. This sparked my interest in writing–especially feature writing. I have also developed a serious passion for photography and I love when I can mesh the two together for projects. My belief is that no matter what job title we have, we are all storytellers and that makes the world a whole lot richer.

In regards to journalism and the content that I create, my favorite quote, by Finely Peter Dunne, always comes to mind. He said, “…comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

I would like to make an impact on those who are privileged and those who are oppressed, forgotten, and silenced through the power of spoken, written, and visual voice.