Local Dreamer fears for her future

While in Lake County, I had the chance to meet a small group of DACA recipients. Though hesitant at first, they opened up about their challenges and worries to excel in a country that threatened their stay under the Trump Administration. This is the story of one. 

DACA rally in Lakeport, CA on Sept. 2017

DACA rally in Lakeport, CA on Sept. 2017

The president of Kelseyville High School’s FFA chapter and Associated Student Body officer Ariana Montero Pille selected CSU Chico as her number-one choice for college next year. It’s the institution’s recognized agriculture program that really attracted her. Her career goals? Enter the world of agricultural business management or agricultural education. 

But all that seems improbable now, she feels.

That’s because Pille is a Dreamer, a beneficiary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

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